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Modern tube compressor

The COMP.TWO plugin is an emulation of the hardware compressor by Rockruepel.

Creative distortion

Spicerack reimagines the conventional approach to audio saturation and distortion, elevating the process to new heights of creativity.


One Meter To Rule Them All

Upgrade your studio by adding fully customizable real-time metering displays (iOS / Android) on your desk.

The Ultimate Audio Sweetener

Designed by award winning engineers, Sugar's color palette is a secret weapon to pro-sounding records.


PROCESS.AUDIO is the Software division of pureMix, the world's premier audio engineering training and education community.

This new plugin company was founded by a team of world class music making professionals, led by Fab Dupont, to create music making tools that strike the perfect balance between analog workflow and digital technology.

We are aiming at creating a suite of plugin that will help all engineers achieve a pro sound faster than ever.

PROCESS.AUDIO delivers audio plugins made by the pros, for the pros.