The Ultimate Full Spectrum Audio Sweetener

Designed by a team of award winning engineers to offer their most useful and most essential harmonic enhancement techniques in one centralized plug-in.

The resulting color palette is a fast lane to pro-sounding records.

This full spectrum enhancer will add punch, thickness, depth, warmth, edge and grit to all your tracks.

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The Ultimate Full Spectrum Enhancer

4 Faders, 8 Colors

Professionals always add more punch, thickness, warmth, width, edge or air to their tracks. Sugar helps you achieve what your are looking for faster than ever.
Select a color. Push a fader.

3 Types of Saturation

Give your sound that polished analog feel, add more grit or simply tame unruly transients with one of our three carefully selected saturation algorithms.

A Unique Jog Wheel Control

The 4 Sugar bands are processing your sound in parallel and work in mono, stereo or M/S mode. Once you have found the proper balance that suits your sound, use the jog wheel in order to intuitively add more or less Sugar.

Linear Phase Filters

High-pass and low-pass filters are used in order to reign-in bursts of energy. Sugar's filters and the 4 band crossovers are all linear phase in order to allow for mastering grade processing and avoid phase issues.

Designed to be the Perfect Enhancer. Listen for yourself.

    Bass 1
    Bass is a difficult instrument to place in the mix. Often is does not read well and you’re stuck with it being too loud or too soft. Sugar’s LOW and MID sections were designed in part to help with that. The DRIVE circuit is also very useful to bring out harmonics and help the bass cut through. In this example you can immediately hear how the LOW section creates a pillow at the bottom and how the saturation brings the harmonics up. It also adds a cool buzz to the track which will help the bass cut through the mix without having to be pushed up.
    Download all wav files here.

    The Secret Weapon to Pro-Sounding Records

    Sugar is my new best friend on the mix bus. Just a spoonful.
    — Greg Wells
    Award winning engineer
    Sugar is my new go to tool. Having fun enhancing sub low frequencies on the bass drum. High frequency air for vocals. And of course helping sonically stale recordings come to life in a mix.
    — Darrell Thorp
    Award winning engineer
    Sugar is great, it's the perfect tone shaper.
    — Vance Powell
    Award winning engineer
    Sugar is a next generation plugin that lives up to that analog ideal. It’s unique and intuitive controls make sense right from the start, so I was off to the races with it immediately. From rescuing a boring drum bus to making a vocal sing, this thing is useful as hell. Sugar will live on many of my future mixes.
    — Ryan West
    Award winning engineer
    Sugar was designed from the ground up to bridge the gap between classic analog sound and digital reality. I find myself using it on every mix.
    — Fab Dupont
    Award winning engineer

    Sugar Learning Center

    Full mixing sessions available in the following DAWs:
    Pro Tools
    Studio One

    Minimum System Requirements

    Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 X2 or newer
    1 GB or more
    Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only), Mac OS X 10.9 or newer
    Mac OS X 10.9 up to OS 12.0.1 (Monterey)
    iLok Cloud

    Plugin Formats

    64-bit only

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