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How many licenses per plug-ins do I get?

All plug-in purchases come with 2 different activation locations.

This means that you can activate your plug-ins on 2 different iLok dongles that you can connect on 2 different machines. You can also take your iLok Dongle everywhere with you which is what most engineers do when they book rooms in commercial studios. (more details here)

If you are using a FREE iLok Cloud System, all you have to do is login on your iLok manager and start a new session on your computer before using your plug-ins. (more details here)

Our plug-ins do not work with the ILok machine based authorization system. This means that our plug-ins are never tied to one machine. It's either on your iLok dongle that you can take everywhere with you, or on your iLok Cloud which you can log into from anywhere.