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How do I get FREE access to PROCESS.AUDIO plug-ins?

All pureMix Pro Members have access to ALL PROCESS.AUDIO plug-ins for FREE for as long as their Pro Membership is active.

If you are interested in becoming a pureMix Pro Member, you can have a look at what pureMix has to offer: https://www.puremix.net/memberships.html

In order to download and get free access to your plug-ins, you will have to: 

If you still do not see you licenses available for download, it means that your pureMix account was not linked properly (no worries, you can still do it by following this procedure) or that pureMix Pro Membership has expired.

More details on how to activate your licenses on a FREE iLok Cloud system: https://process.audio/support/activate-my-plug-in-with-ilok-cloud-free

More details on know how to activate your licenses on your iLok Dongle: https://process.audio/support/activate-my-plug-in-with-ilok-cloud

More details how the iLok Management system works: https://process.audio/support/download-and-start-using-my-plugin