March 23rd 2022

Decibel Daemon (OSX) - Monitor & Analyze hit songs from Spotify/ Youtube/ iTunes


Video Transcript:


My friends today we are going to talk about the daemon hidden inside Decibel.

Decibel has a daemon it leaves, on your mac, right here in the menu bar what's a daemon.

A daemon is an app, or program that runs in the background.

When you look through the chooser it's not there, you cannot see Decibel there but, it's running it's there it knows what you're doing.

The point of this is that you can use Decibel to monitor everything that happens in your core audio environment, without having to run the app it can shoot in directly to your IOS device or Android device, without having to run the app. Let me show you.

For example say you listen to music on Spotify, and do a search for a song you know for example lifeboats by Will Knox, great track.

Usually you press play, it goes to your core audio, and that's that but.

What if you wanted to know how loud Spotify is on Youtube, if you wanted to have just a global monitoring of the levels of all your music going for core audio you can do that let me show you.

Here in the daemon, I can say okay, open this email application. This is the standalone app I can use this to set up what I want.

For example I can say uh this is not what i want to look at all day i want to look at my regular preset.

Or maybe I want to look at my Spotify, fab Spotify let's do that, so that's my Spotify preset it shoots in real time to my iPad.

Now I can quit Decibel as you notice, the iPad is still running.

The setup is very simple, you assign the output of your core audio to Decibel, Decibel analyzes, it and shoots it to your speakers, check it out.

A cool shortcut is control, click on the little, speaker up there, and choose Decibel monitoring right here, you go into the daemon, and you say the input of the daemon to Decibel monitoring, and the output should go to whatever your sound card is here is universal audio thunderbolt apollo.


So you get sound and you get metering


On your iPad without running Decibel at all times and you can set it up so it launches at startup. So basically, you set it up once and now whenever you launch Youtube, Spotify, anything you want, you can have meters on your desktop that tell you exactly what's going on.

A great way to study what others are doing with their music.