April 14th 2022

Connect Decibel to many mobile devices (iOS / Android) - Unlimited real time displays


Video Transcript:


My friends today, we're going to talk about how to connect Decibel to your mobile devicesIOS or Android.

As you may already know, Decibel allows you to connect multiple mobile devices, Android or IOS, and use them as external displays for your workstation.


In order to broadcast your data to your mobile devices all you have to do is install the Decibel display which is a free app, on your mobile device.


Launch it, make sure that your device is connected to the same network as your desktop, as your host, a wi-fi, or usb it should be automatic. 


Here I'm in Pro Tools. I have Decibel open.


The manage display tab is on the bottom left, you click on it, right here and it pops up like this.

As you can see, I have my mini pad, which is right here, it found it's blue. There's an Android box that's not here because it's gray and then the left iPad and the right iPad are right here, but they are not running Decibel, so they're not connecting.


Let's add another version Decibel. I'm going to run this Decibel mobile on my phone.

I launch it and as you can see it tells me that my ip address here is 


So i'm going to add a device, call it ‘’Fab phone’’ and and then i'm going to click enter.

So now you can see that Decibel desktop plugin knows that my phone exists. So i can create a new tab i'll put i don't know what i would put LUFS meters, put them here, and then i can decide to assign that tab to my phone and instantly the meters show up on my phone, that's pretty awesome and of course, i can use i only have one hand available right now but if i had a second head i could use the shift button to make sure it's exactly the right size.


Shift proof full size and we're back in business and if I press play, he plays right away.

So imagine you can set up a completely extensive display. I have a LUFS meters right here. They're right in front of me.


I have my super meter right here and if I wanted, let’s do it. I can add a pane and say I want a gigantic histogram.


Then i'm going to assign to my left iPad right here, and then I want a gigantic spectrum analyzer that I'm going to assign to my right iPad. I just have to assign this tab to the right iPad, and now I have this you can see that there's music everywhere.


Please note that all DSP takes place in the standalone or the plugin version of Decibel, and then shoots the data to your mobile display with almost no latency in wi-fi and even less with usb cables here i use.


Usb cable for my iPad and then wi-fi for my phone, because I'm too lazy to plug it in every day.

As you can see, I can build my own meter, with all my devices that are already on my desktop, the phone, the iPad to create a really broad range of information whatever i need.

All this, i just set it up but i don't have to do it again, i can save this preset here in the plugin called, fab everything and then save it.


And now every time i recall 5 everything, if all these devices are here, it will just come right up, that saves a lot of time this is very practical, as it combines the benefits of real hardware metering, which is always visible, always in front of you, and the benefits of the digital realm like updatable doesn't break very customizable.


Plus with Decibel you can add as many displays as you want.


And this my friends concludes this segment on how to build your mobile device empire, tied to Decibel you.